Review Collega's
Eric Duivenvoorde, Scrum Master, Global Orange: Eric Duivenvoorden
On the complex project that we worked on together Michel has proven to be an effective and dedicated project manager. He has a strong focus to manage the project goals and does not avoid conflict if needed to get all the stakeholders aligned. While finding solutions he is very pragmatic in solving the problems. Michel motivates the team to work hard like he does himself, but always with a smile and deserved compliments when success is there.

Danny JansenDanny Jansen, Testcoordinator:
During the four months I worked with Michel I got to know him as a knowledgable person with a thrive to deliver a good product on time, still keeping an eye on the human aspect of the project. He always took time to explain certain decisions or what was expected of people if they did not understand. Despite the pressure to deliver on time there has always been attention to the 'fun factor'.

Chris Meijerink, Project Office, Documentatie Specialist
Chris Meijerink Michel is a result driven project manager, who doesn't give up. He is able to do a great deal of work in short time. Besides that, he inspires people by looking at things from more than one point of view using his creative mind set. But above all, I had a great time working with him; we had a lot of fun both at and after work!